d.Light™ S300


d.Light™ S300

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Product Description

The d.light S300 solar lantern is complete with a sturdy housing unit that protects the interior from dust, insects and water and provides four hours of bright light and 100 hours of bed light on a full charge. It illuminates up to 10x the brightness of a kerosene lantern without any toxic fumes or expense for fuel. This versatile solar lantern with a 2 year warranty also charges cell phones. The battery stores a charge for one year; battery replacement is not needed. In addition to the sun, the S300 model can be charged from a USB power source (like a laptop computer). The handle is ergonomically designed and has a top strap to use when handing the unit from hooks or poles.   

Additional Information

  • Four Brightness Settings
  • 4 Hours on High
  • 8 Hours on Medium
  • 16 Hours on Low
  • 100 Hours on Bed-Light
  • Charges Mobile Phones
  • Free 2-Year Replacement Warranty
  • > 5 Year Lifetime
  • No Battery Replacements Needed
  • Solar Panel: Includes 4 Meter Cable
  • Dual Solar / USB Charging
  • Full Charge from Solar/AC – 8 Hours
  • Battery Charge Level Indicator
  • Glow In the Dark On/Off Button
  • Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant