Frequently asked questions

What is EzyLife's mission?
The mission of EzyLife is to serve families at the base of the pyramid with products, services and opportunities that make life easier and better.

What do I need to become an EzyLife Charter Candidate?

  • Personal integrity
  • Initiative, passion and marketing savvy
  • English communication skills and internet capacity
  • A proven track record of business performance, preferably with import/export experience
  • A deep and connected network within the local business community
  • Access to $50,000 to $150,000 USD of working capital

What is the quadruple bottom line?

  1. Economic Return
    EzyLife businesses and products create jobs and improve the economic conditions of families and communities.
  2. Social Return
    EzyLife businesses and products save families time, reduce manual labor, enable greater levels of savings, increase crop yields and improve health.
  3. Environmental Return
    EzyLife businesses and products make a positive contribution toward environmental sustainability, from production to packaging to daily use to disposal.
  4. Character Return
    EzyLife's holistic approach transforms the lives of customers, employees, partners and communities through products and actions that encourage integrity.

Where can I get pricing on specific products and order quantities?
Pricing can vary greatly by order volume and destination. Please contact us with your requests so that we can prepare a custom quote to fit your needs.

Do EzyLife team members speak at public engagements?
Yes, please contact us with details regarding your event, dates, time, etc.