d.Light™ S20


d.Light™ S20

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Product Description

A bright and durable replacement for flashlights and lanterns, the S20′s brightness settings offer up to 8 hours of bright light for a variety of environments. It illuminates up to 5x the brightness of a kerosene lantern without any toxic fumes or expense for fuel. The S20′s dual solar and USB power charging (like from a laptop) option allows charging even during rainy or cloudy days, and its multiple-setting handle provides maximum flexibility for any use situation. The S20 is built to survive tough conditions, including accidental drops onto hard mud or concrete, rain showers, and intense heat and dust.

Additional Information

  • Two Brightness Settings: 4 hours on high; 8 hours on medium
  • 360 degrees of light for complete illumination of your surroundings
  • Free 2-Year Replacement
  • >5 Year Lifetime
  • No Battery Replacements Needed
  • Integrated Solar Panel is built into plastic so there's no panel or cords to lose
  • Dual Solar/USB Charging
  • Battery Charge Level Indicator
  • Glow In the Dark On/Off Button
  • Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant