d.Light™ S2


d.Light™ S2

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Product Description

A bright and ultra-affordable, ultra-compact light, the S2 is a great all-purpose fully integrated solar-powered lamp. It illuminates up to 2x the brightness of a kerosene lantern without any toxic fumes or expense for fuel. The product can be charged in one day with its integrated solar panel, or in few hours through a USB charger (USB cable included). Its chrome-plated handle allows d.light S2 to easily orient towards the sun during the day, and to focus direct light at night – making it the perfect solution for reading and tasks. The product can be carried, hung from the wall or ceiling, or placed on any surface, and fits in your pocket for easy transport and storage.

Additional Information

  • One 4 Hour Brightness Setting
  • Free 2-Year Replacement Warranty
  • >5 Year Lifetime
  • No Battery Replacements Needed
  • Integrated Solar Panel
  • Dual Solar / USB Charging
  • Glow In the Dark On/Off Button
  • Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant