The EzyLife Business Model

EzyLife is a comprehensive, yet flexible, business package designed to overcome challenges associated with developing-country markets. EzyLife builds high capacity, independent local businesses equipped for market leadership. EzyLife builds brand, consumer demand and consumer loyalty alongside robust supply chains to deliver world class distribution of the products that four billion people want.

EzyLife is seeking partnerships around the world with individuals and businesses interested in creating economic development and social impact while earning profits. We are seeking partners with an equal passion for people and business.


How we do it

Through a unique two-stage approach, EzyLife delivers a complete business package with proprietary and sourced products, territory exclusivity, marketing, world class training, business systems and ongoing support.

Accepted parties are initially aligned as Distributors, and through an evolutionary process, grow into Charter organizations over time. The two-stage approach allows us to work together to develop customized product, logistics and delivery systems to meet the needs of your unique geography and culture in advance of Charter membership. Upon achieving a foundation of success, a Distributor may graduate into a fully branded Charter.