welcome to the ezy life!

We make life easier and better for families at the base of the economic pyramid.


4 billion people need it.
We've got it.

People all over the world are looking for affordable ways to make life easier and improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions. Four billion people who are eager to access and purchase high value, high impact products. What if you could meet their needs, create jobs in your community and build a sustainable business all at the same time? 

Today you can. EzyLife believes there is a better way to do business. A way to meet needs, improve lives and transform communities through commerce. We want to help you create profit with purpose.

Profit with purpose



Ezy products save families money and increase incomes by creating local jobs. All while earning you a healthy profit.



Ezy products reduce natural resource consumption and preserve the environment for future generations.



Ezy products have huge impacts on women and girls saving hours of time in tasks like collecting wood, boiling water and preparing meals.